March 24, 2007


that's what i turned yesterday. 34 wonderful springs. the Lord has taken such good care of me and all my needs during all these years that all i can be is grateful. grateful for my unique husband who has taken so much crap from me for the last 15 years and still loves me and supports me and stands by me no matter what, who has given me my reason for living in the form of two beautiful children, a home and more love than i could have ever imagine i could get from anyone. sorry if i got you bored on this one but felt like pouring out my heart, must be the effects of aging... jajaja

March 2, 2007

more pics....

this is mike's plane...

my cutie pie posing for daddy's camera!!!

my dh, our next pilot!?!?! he'll get there, too much work & not enough spare time to finish the course, in the meanwhile mike let him have a taste of flying on his plane. mike, YOU ROCK!!!!!

oh! no, daddy's flying the plane!!!!!!

El Morro from above. just beautiful!!!

st.thomas..... are some pics of joe & kids little trip.

skyler & haitham ready for take off !!!!!

joe and the kids

with mike (their rock star!!)

this is what they had for lunch, a "personal" pizza!!!

actually...not much, i gave them enough money to buy whatever they wanted but all they bought was 2 perfumes, go figure!??!!