September 22, 2010

can you say lame???

.....lame blogger that is ;) lots of things have been going on in my life so I'm going to share a picture for now. Last week my husband invited me for a Margarita and a Margarita I had. A huge one. Was it good? Yes! Did I drink it all? You bet I did and it was delish!

May 11, 2010

on mother's day.......

......this was the highlight of the day, at least for me it was. I got to take this picture of my kids with my grandfather. I haven't had the chance to take a picture like that before, so this one makes me very happy. How handsome is my grandpa? very handsome, he doesn't even look 79, well not to me, he is still a strong healthy man so full of life. Love these moments.

February 15, 2010

happy Vday!!! Vday was fantastic!!!! Hubby & kids, the best valentines EVER!!!!

January 30, 2010

again... are the pics...


...was fantastic! much needed to say the least, we are still recuperating from it, go figure... anyways, the main purpose of the trip was to attend my baby brother's graduation. He is now a proud Marine. It was 3 months of grueling training but he made it. They say that "many will hear the call but only a few will earn the title", and Jabnel earned that title, he can be called a Marine. We are so proud of him. We went to South Carolina for graduation then went to Savannah, GA. That city is beautiful, the old buildings, the colonial look, I loved everything and would like to go back again. We walked all over the city and found Paula Deen's restaurant, the lunch waiting line was a little long so we couldn't eat there because my parents were hungry and not willing to wait an hour to eat, bummer. There's also this candy store, amazing, sooo many candies there that it makes it so difficult to choose, my kids were in awe, so much that ended up buying just 3. Here are some pics of the trip....

*** for some reason I can't attach the pics to this post, I'll try again***

January 19, 2010


....we are off to South Carolina to attend my baby brothers' Marine graduation!!! By we I mean Joe, the kids, my parents and even my other brother who lives in Louisiana will be meeting us there. EXCITED and super proud!!!

January 9, 2010


....a new year has begun!!!! and even though I am not a person to make resolutions, because I know I won't be able to keep them, I am feeling moved to make some for this year..... and I will add a word as well...


so my top ten list resolution for this year goes as follows...

  1. deal with my weight issues , that was one of 2007 and I spent thousands of dollars on Jenny Craig with great results, I dropped 40#, but because of my lack of will power they are all back again

  2. time management, i have to try and make better use of my time, I waste a lot of time doing nothing

  3. get rid of some of my mental issues, this one is the hardest ,I think.. but I will work on it, it's so hard when the thoughts in your head go in a thousand different directions and you can't control them ...ugh..

  4. get the ideas that are on my mind and put them in paper, this is so hard for me to do because when I sit down and try to write whatever is going on in my head I go blank, it's sooo frustrating

  5. write something, see #4, a song or a shortplay, anything

  6. scrapbook more, like a page a week or so, then again I'll have to accomplish #2 to make this one possible, I think blogging more often would fit here too

  7. go out more often, get out of my cave and socialize with friends, I need to have girls night out every once in a while, and date nights with Joe

  8. be less introverted, break my shell and be less self conscious

  9. do something radical, don't know what but sounds exciting!! lol

  10. spend more time in my happy place , I wish I could move here, not just spend weekends but actually live here

I will really really need my word for this year if I want to accomplish these, but then again, that's all I have...