February 27, 2007

long day...

......yesterday we woke up very early, Joe and the kids got to spend the day in St. Thomas with Mike, so much fun (pictures coming soon). I went to MB instead, made 3 lo's , they were back at 4:00 and after picking them up we went to my aunt's in San Patricio till' about 8:00. then went for dinner with my friend Maribel and her dh. my husband and hers got to meet each other talked about business, medicine (of course) and a little bit of everything, Maribel and me talked about kids, business and scrapbook (OF COURSE), we stayed 30 minutes past the restaurant closing hour, we left at almost 11:00. then on our way home Joe decided to go visit his brother who was working the er in Gurabo (haven't seen him in more than a month) so we went there and finally got home at 3:00am, woke up at 6:00 to go to the office. I am soooo tired today and even have a migraine. doesn't look like we went around much but believe me we did. I'm soooo needing a good night sleep!!!!!

February 25, 2007


...... did the time go? actually, where did my baby girl go? i was going thru old pictures and found this one of Skyler when she was 2. my God!, has she grown into a young lady!! a beautiful one. no matter how old she gets, she will forever be my little baby girl!!

February 19, 2007

the big picture...

since i couldn't go to stacy julian's workshop on saturday (by the way they say it was worth every penny) my good friend angie brought me an autographed copy of the book, yeeiii!!! thank you angie!!!!

February 18, 2007


...is me!!!! just wanted to show my face in case you didn't know me.

February 17, 2007

stacy julian....

......is presenting a workshop at Storia today and i couldn't go. my little guy has karate camp this weekend and will be having an exam for rank advancement, so i will have to be with him because my husband works the er on sat and sun and won't be able to be there. well, a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do. my friend angie is going and is bringing me an autographed book, i hope she remembers, gotta call her during the day so she doesn't forget. ohhh! i wish i was there scrappin' the day away. instead i'll be doing some laundry and paying bills, to soothe myself i already placed an order at http://addictedtoscrapbooking.com !!!!!!! Winky

February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day!!!!

the diet went down the drain today. not a good thing you know. but how can one resist all the goodies (meaning chocolate) you get on a day like this. oh well, tomorrow's another day to start over again. Love Gaze

February 7, 2007

on my way....

JA! Gotta be so proud of myself. Today was measurement and weighting day ( I go to Curves and they keep a monthly progress log) and I am 6 pounds lighter than last month. It may not seem much, but for me it is a lot. It is so hard for me to take the pounds off that every little tiny progress I make I have to celebrate. Eleven pounds in 2 months, they still don't show but I can feel the difference and believe me it feels grrrreat!!!