July 7, 2008

berry day.......

......so, on the 4th of July my brother who lives in Louisiana told me he had bake this yummy 3 berry pie and that it came out real good, I believe him 'cause, like me, he is a great cook and baker. Well, he offered me the recipe but down here in Puerto Rico berries are not that accesible or easy to find. On Saturday we went to Costco and guess what? jaja...they had ALL kind of berries, so of course I bought Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries. And pie I made. My brother wanted proof that I really made the pie, so here are the pics to prove it...

.......2 pounds of Blueberries, only used a cup

and since I was left with way too many blueberries I decided to make blueberry pancakes, yumm!

...so Rick, here's proof of your pie, it was goooooood!!!

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Sonia said...

Hi Liz
I love berries, especially blueberry, mmmm!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

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